Recordings as Leader

Easy Does It                         Discovery Records                     1984

Blues For McVouty                 Stash Records                           1993

Rapture                                Jazz Focus Records                    1994

360 Degrees                         Hep Records                              1995

Live at Tula’s                        McVouty Records                        1998

Boy! What a Night                McVouty Records                        1998

12th and Jackson Blues         McVouty Records                        1999

Live at Tula’s Volume II         McVouty Records                        2001

Blues For JW                        McVouty Records                        2002

The Jay Bird                         McVouty Records                        2004

Accidentally Yours                 McVouty Records                        2004

The Underdog                      Pony Boy Records                       2005

Streams of Consciousness     Pony Boy                                   2007

Blue ‘n Green                       McVouty Records                        2008

The Cats                              McVouty Records                        2012

The Art of Jazz                     McVouty Records                        2015

Lowdown Hoedown               CUG Records                              2015

Live Bop Live                       McVouty Records                         2017

I Always Knew                     Origin Records                            2018

The Promise                        CUG/McVouty Records                 2018 

with Becca Duran:




Becca Duran with Jay Thomas

If you Could See Me Now

McVouty Records

Becca Duran with Jay Thomas

Song For Rita

McVouty Records

Becca Duran with Jay Thomas

In Love Again

McVouty Records

Sideman with Big Bands:




Phil Kelly

Convergence Zone

Origin Records

Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra


Origin Records

Continued in the UnderGround Jazz Orchestra

Use Us

CUG Records

Continued in the UnderGround Jazz Orchestra


CUG Records

Ramsay/Kleeb Orchestra

“Red” Kelly’s Heroes

Cars Productions

Jim Knapp Orchestra

Things For Now


Jim Knapp Orchestra

On Going Home

Sea Breeze Records

New Brew

Produced by Teo Macero

ULG Records

Charlie May All Star Big Band

Plays the Arrangements of Gaylord Jones

Pony Boy

Sideman, Smaller Groups:




Wataru Hamasaki

Live at Tula's

McVouty Records

Bud Shank Silver Storm
(with Conti Condoli)

On The Trail

Raw Records

Jason Bodlovich
(with the great Ray Brown)

Blues For Dexter

Wolfetones Records

Herb Ellis, Mel Ryne & Jake Hanna

Roll Call

Justice Records

Steve Griggs
(with the great Elvin Jones)

jONeS for ELViN

Hip City Music

Steve Griggs
(with the great Elvin Jones)

jONeS for ELViN Vol.2

Hip City Music

Steve Griggs Quintet


Hip City Music

Slim Gaillard
(with Jay McShann and Buddy Tate)

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Hep Records

James Moody

The Teachers

Perception Records

Dave Friesen

Tomorrow’s Dreams

Shamrock Records

Jessica Williams


Jazz Focus Records

Jessica Williams

Jessica’s Blues

Jazz Focus Records

Chuck Metcalf Quintet
(with George Cables)

Elsie Street

Bop Ware Records

Chuck Metcalf Octet

Help Is Coming

Bop Ware Records

Aaron Parks Quintet

The Wizard

Keynote Records

Dan Greenblatt


Bop Ware Records

Oliver Johnson

Slide & Joy

OJ Music

Keith Henson Octet

Our Delight

Bop Hen Music

Milo Peterson and the Jazz Disciples

Visiting Dignitaries

Passage Records



Pinguiro Productions


La Rumba esta Buena

Pinguiro Productions

Barney McClure

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

MNOP Records

Barney McClure

Not a Day Goes By...

MNOP Records

Don Lanphere

The Jazz Alley Tapes

Hep Records

Christopher Boscole

Natural Instincts

Heaven Music

Jimmy the scuffer



Norm Bellas

Out of the Norm

Blue Job Records

Various Artists

The 15th Anniversary Stash Sampler

Stash Records

Phil Sheeran

It’s a Good Thing

Passage Records

Michael Powers

Full Circle

Michael Powers Music

Tony Gable & 206

Seven Hills

Heads Up Records

The Lubag/Wikan Jazz Trio

Lubag/Wikan Jazz Trio

DDD Records

Chuch Bergeron

Cause and Effect

DoubleTime Records

Origin Arts Comlipation

The Piano: Seattle’s Finest

Origin Records

Steve Messick

Transmissions From Planet Bass


Sideman with Singers:




Jan Stentz


MNOP Records

Jan Stentz


BAM Records

Katie King

Mostly Ballads


Katie King

Jazz Figures

MNOP Records

Lincoln Briney


Golightly Productions

Greta Matassa

Got a Song that I Sing

Mark Likes Jazz Records

Kelly Harland

12 Times Romance


Janis Mann

Lost in His Arms


Valerie Joyce


VJI Music

Even More Songs and Bands with Jay as sideman

Victor Noriega            Fenceless

Alan Jones                 Spirits

Chris Ameniya            Jazz Coalescence             OA2 Records

Buddy Catlett             Here Comes Buddy         Pony Boy Records

Mike Strickland          Starry Night                       MSP Records

Milt Kleeb                  Something If Nothing Else     Pony Boy

Seattle Horns             Frankies’ Dream

Doug Miller                Regeneration                    Origin Records

Brian Kinsella             Omen

Brian Owen                Unme i

More Credits for Jay with Big Bands


Phil Kelly                       Ballet of the Bouncing Beagles

SRJO                            The Sacred Music of Duke Ellington

SRJO                            Jimmy Heath,The Endless Search

SRJO                            Benny Carter’s Kansas City Suite

Jim Knapp                    Jim Knapp Orchestra East

Jay with Japanese Bands

CUG, Continued in the Underground Orchestra

Continued in the Underground                        June 1999

Use Us                                                          April 2002

On the Road                                                  December 2004

Going On the Road                                         December 2004

Takin’ the Road                                              September 2007

Road to a Better Planet                                   April 2010

HOPE                                                            March 2012

Flame of Peace                                              October 2013

Twenty Five and Counting                               March 2014

NOW                                                             March 2016

East West Alliance                                          October 2006

Band if Brothers                                             March 2012

Soul Summit                                                  October 2013