CUG Jazz Orchestra

CUG Jazz Orchestra

cug hope
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led by tenor saxophonist Kohama Yasuhiro

No.1 domestic big band that has established a novel arrangement, groove straight ahead, outstanding solo work ... original sound. Formed in 1989, to celebrate 25 years since founded in 2014. Released the album "CUGJazz Orchestra 001", "USE US", "ON THE ROAD" "GOINGON THE ROAD," "Takin 'The Road," "Road to a Better Planet," "HOPE" of seven pieces so far. Passion of ". You want to continue to provide music that reality comes from live activities. Constant will power, a great sound continues," is put in the name of "Continued in the Under Ground Jazz Orchestra". Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Seattle, New York · · · CUG Jazz-O is located in the orchestra here!

Sax Section:Yasuhiro Kohama /Tsubakida Kaoru / Atsushi Ikeda / Ryo Gushi / Koichi Yokoyama / Okazaki Masanori / Iwaji Yoshihiro

Trumpets: Watanabe Tsutomu / Yasushi Miyamoto / Jay Thomas / Yuto Komatsu / Takashi / Shimamoto

Trombones: Tomomi Taniguchi / KenichiroI Kushima / Donald Gibson /Akira Mizuno

Rhythm Section: Shuhei Mizuno / Shimada Tsuyoshi / Kazuyoshi Kuroda / Yamamoto Nana

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Alex Dugdale and Luke Woodle:

Some great trading at the ship canal grill!

Nica's Dream:

Mike Van Bebber – trumpet
Chris Johansen - saxophone
Brendan O'Donnell - guitar

Jam Session Clip:

Chuck Kistler – bass
Brendan O'Donnell – guitar