Upcoming Gigs

Summer 2018


June 16-18 SRJO Benaroya Hall, Kirkland PC, Edmonds performance 

June 20th with Mike Van Bebber in Bellingham at the Wjmac.org/events

June 28th Barca
June 29th Latona


June 25th - June 29th, 2018 UW Jazz Workshop

June 30th Friday Harbor - Jazz at the Labs


July 5th Tulas with Randy Halberstat

July 16 –July 21 Cornish Jazz Summer Camp

July 19th at Baca with Phil Sparks, Adam Kessler and special guest Yuki Hirate

July 20th Latona with Yuki Hirate

July 22nd-July29th Centrum Jazz Festival and Camp

August 3,4th Orcas Island the New Net and Oliver Groenewald


Fall 2018

September 28 Pearl Django

Colab with Oliver Groenewald coming this fall. 



Japan Tour 2018

Jay and Kohama Shoulders

 *Hi Everyone, note from the editor/web master: We've got a gallery of great photos on the way. In the mean time check these vids out from last year. 


More from Japan coming here soon!






Old Ship Canal Grill Videios




Some burnin' really young players!

Alex Dugdale and Luke Woodle:

Some great trading at the ship canal grill!

Nica's Dream:

Mike Van Bebber – trumpet
Chris Johansen - saxophone
Brendan O'Donnell - guitar

Jam Session Clip:

Chuck Kistler – bass
Brendan O'Donnell – guitar