The Cats

thecats cover

1. Nica's Tempo (Gigi Gryce)
2. Cantaloupe Island (Herbie Hancock)
3. Soul Station (Hank Mobley)
4. Just a Ballad for My Baby* (Freddie Redd)
5. Jody Grind (Horace Silver)
6. Knight Moves (John Hansen)
7. Cantaloupe Woman (Grant Green)
8. Blues Blues Blues (Freddie Redd)
9. Amsterdam After Dark (George Coleman)

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Jay Thomas(horns); John Hansen(piano); Chuck Kistler(bass); Adam Kessler(drums)

Produced by Jay Thomas for McVouty Music, and Pony Boy Records
Recorded live at Avast Recording Co., Seattle, WA
*Jon Goforth - alto sax
Additional recording and mixing by Greg Williamson, Pony Boy Studios
Graphics and Photography by Jacob Lakatua
Final layout Pony Boy Records ©2012